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Feng Shui for Your Muse

Feng Shui, for the uninitiated, is an oriental concept of arranging the elements in one?s surroundings to achieve various positive conditions in one?s life. I am a positive person. I have some fine qualities. I am loyal, courteous, kind, and quick to hold the door for people carrying packages. Alas, however, discipline is not high among my virtues. Do not think I haven?t tried. - Read full article

Designing Your Kid?s Room is Child?s Play!

Would your child?s room benefit from some fresh design ideas and reorganization? Most could, but it can be hard to know where to begin and what concepts to use. Obviously, the age and personality of your child, not to mention your budget, will dictate much of the design concept. But where and how to begin? With these easy-to-follow tips, you will be ready to dive right in and decorate. - Read full article

Fast Solutions with Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art used in the home to create balance and harmony. Feng Shui Practitioners have many tricks of the trade used to get rid of negative energy and promote happiness, stability, affluence, tranquility and peace. With the help of this guide, now you, too, can use Feng Shui to enhance your surroundings. Here are some Feng Shui fast solutions to allow you to experience maximum fulfillment in your current home: Color. - Read full article

Yoga For Pregnant Women

Master your mind! Gain control over your body! Be relieved of your stress through the practice of gentle art of Yoga! Pregnancy is a physical as well as mental experience. Women often becomes hyper aware of all the changes their bodies are going through. Yoga allows pregnant women to adapt to these changes more gracefully and to feel proud and a sense of appreciation for their bodies. Yoga exercises can increase flexibility, strength, circulation and balance. Many pregnant women find that regular yoga exercises help to reduce swelling, back and leg pain, and insomnia. - Read full article

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